It's counselor awareness month!


April is counselor awareness month, and for good reason.  Although about half of all adults will have a diagnosable mental health issue at some point in their life, few will ever receive treatment.  Of those that will receive treatment, most will do it through medication rather than therapy.  Did you also know that seeing a counselor is more effective than just taking medication alone?  It’s true!  Did you know that there are more than half a million counselors in the United States?  Counselors are very helpful people and that’s why we all need to get the word out so that those who need help can know how to get it.

Lets start with some facts about counseling:

  1. Counseling works!  Counselors have higher success rates than do medical doctors.  And before you say “But doctors deal with more serious issues”, understand that I take mental health VERY seriously
  2. In order to be a counselor, you need at least a Masters degree, pass a board examine just like a doctor has to, and have two additional years of supervised practice.  The same cannot be said for a life coach or faith healer
  3. Psychiatrists, medical doctors, clergy, and teachers are NOT trained in counseling or therapy.
  4. Consumer reports revealed that 80% of people who were in counseling were happy with the experience


If you’re one of those people that are suffering from mental health issues but aren’t receiving any help, now’s the time to contact a counselor.  There’s simply no reason to wait any longer.  Likewise, if you’ve been in counseling and are happy with your experience, why not spread the word?  Probably we all know someone who could use the help of a counselor.

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